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Black Propaganda

It is no longer possible to imagine how far some Western newspapers and news channels handle many files, especially ones related to the Kingdom.

For decades, the Kingdom has been subjected to organized media campaigns from many parties for reasons related to its political positions on lots of issues, especially its steadfast stance towards the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories, as well as its firm stances towards the subversive plans that the region has been exposed to and addressing many of the dangers facing the Arab and Islamic worlds.

Despite the varied patterns of these campaigns and their different degrees of momentum, they have failed to achieve any of their objectives. They have failed to penetrate the Saudi interior and dismantle its national constants. 

They have also failed to incite the world against the Kingdom that, thanks to its balanced politics, has ranked advanced standings politically, economically and scientifically at the international level.

The current campaigns that try to distort the image of the Kingdom and its international reputation come as a natural extension of a long history of mobilization against the Kingdom. Despite the world-wide communication revolution, which has given observers equal access to information, these media organizations have not got along with this development by changing their propaganda approach.

Twenty years ago, it was possible to pass phrases such as "informed sources said" and "a copy of the speech obtained by", where information was not available simultaneously and accurately at the same time. 

This facilitated the task of the advertising machines to show their neutrality and honesty imparting, which is no longer possible under the communication revolution and the massive flow of information.

There are many evidence that these campaigns are now falling, both ethically and professionally. This has contributed to the collapse of the credibility of media institutions and their transformation into paid areas to attack and undermine the Kingdom. 

For example, the Washington Post, has turned into a vessel containing materials that offend the history of the newspaper and its readers before they offend the Kingdom.

Despite the long history and reputation gained by this newspaper, it has turned all of a sudden into a platform to insult the Kingdom and its leadership and people for reasons unknown but by those who draw its editorial line.

It's known that the Washington Post has a declared hostility with US President Donald Trump, as insults are exchanged between the two sides on a daily basis. This is of course not of our concern. The striking thing about it, especially during the past months, is the newspaper's insistence on linking Saudi-US relations to its attitude towards Trump. 

The newspaper always tries to play the role of director the US administration to take negative attitudes towards the Kingdom to the extent that it deems the US silence to what it claims to be Saudi excesses is a sin in the Trump management file, which means he is illegible to lead the US, a matter that means deviation from the path of its real tasks to the corridors of settling old scores.

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