Cairo - SPA
Arab League SG condemns the acts of sabotage that targeted commercial vessels near UAE's territorial waters

The Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit has condemned in the strongest terms the acts of sabotage that targeted four commercial vessels near the territorial waters of the United Arab Emirates including two Saudi oil tankers in the Arabian Gulf, stressing that these criminal acts constitute a serious violation of the freedom and safety of trade and maritime transport routes that would raise the level of escalation in the region.

Spokesman of the Secretary-General Mahmoud Afifi said today that Aboul Gheit considers the threats to the land or sea borders, or transportation and trade routes of any Arab member of the Arab League an unacceptable violation of Arab national security.

In this regard, he stressed full solidarity with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in confronting any attempt to undermine their security or the security of navigation in the Arabian Gulf, as well as any actions being taken by the two countries..

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