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Homeland's Daughter

The decisions taken by the leadership, through which women were empowered and given roles which proved that they deserve, made the Saudi woman occupy an advanced position befitting her in the Arab, regional and international forums. 

The Saudi woman possesses potential and talents which make her outperform her counterparts, and when the opportunity comes up, they do not hesitate to make the best use of it to achieve her goals and endless ambitions. She always strives to prove that she is no less efficient than the man, but truly speaking, she has outperformed him in some areas with perseverance and hard work.

If we want to give examples of the Saudi woman's superiority through the eras of time, we would need to compose encyclopedias, What distinguishes this era in which we live, is that empowering the woman has become an active element in building the society. 

She participates with her effort and thought in developing and building the future of her society, not only through the labor market in which she moved ahead with all her strength. Even the non-working woman has roles of no less importance than those of the working woman through the proper upbringing of her children, and implanting of values and principles in them to be members of society who contribute to building their homeland.

Thanks to her effort, the Saudi woman has reached high positions in various specializations. She dazzled the world by the strength of her will, determination and enlightened thought.

Today, she has the opportunity to let out of all her energies, and sail with creativity across all fields that she wants to work in. All doors have become lawful for her, and all opportunities are in her hands, and she only has to take advantage of what is available to her and participate in building our homeland, announcing the efficiency of her capabilities and full entitlement to be empowered.

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