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US daily coronavirus-related death toll hits highest level since May

The United States has recorded its highest daily coronavirus-related
death toll since May, as the pandemic rages across the country and
strains health care systems, dpa reported.

Data released by Johns Hopkins University on Wednesday showed that
there were 1,707 fatalities a day earlier, as the overall US death toll
from the outbreak nears 250,000.

The US has seen far more deaths and cases than any other nation,
logging 11.3 million infections since the start of the pandemic.

The US reported some 161,900 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday,
according to the Baltimore-based university, marking at least two weeks
of daily infections exceeding 100,000. Public officials are begging
people not to gather for Thanksgiving, a major US holiday, next week.
In promising news, two US vaccine efforts have so far yielded positive
results, with pharmaceuticals giant Pfizer announcing on Wednesday that
its Covid-19 vaccine is 95-per-cent effective.

Vaccine doses are not expected to be widely available until several months into 2021.

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