Riyadh Daily
Support to Palestinian cause

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman has addressed the key issues facing the Arab world at the 29th Arab Summit in Dhahran.
His speech began with the Palestinian issue, which remains the most important challenge facing the Arab world. Maintaining its steadfast support for the Palestinians, the Kingdom stressed on the restoration of the full rights of the Palestinians, topped by their right to establish an independent homeland with the holy city of Al-Quds as its capital.
The Kingdom’s unwavering support to the Palestinian cause is also reflected in its donation of US$ 200 million to the Islamic Endowments Support Program in Al-Quds and to the UNRWA.
The King has reaffirmed his rejection of the US administration’s decision on Al-Quds. He praised the unanimous voice of the international community also rejecting the US decision.
He further reiterated that east Al-Quds is an indivisible part of the Palestinian territories. The King even named the Arab Summit as the Al-Qud Summit so as to emphasize that the Palestinian question is still at the heart of all Arab issues.     
King Salman presented an initiative to deal with the common challenges facing Arab security, confirming the Kingdom’s leading role in the Arab world and the King’s keenness to see continued development, security and stability in the Arab countries. The initiative confirms the Kingdom’s determination to protect the Arabs against attempts to interfere in their internal matters.
Under the leadership of King Salman, decisive action must be taken against any entity that seeks to harm Arab countries.

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