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Arab Parliament Speaker Condemns Terrorist Attack on Petroleum Products Distribution Terminal in Jeddah

Speaker of Arab Parliament Adel Abdurrahman Al-Assoumi, has strongly condemned the cowardly terrorist attack on a fuel tank at a petroleum products distribution terminal in Jeddah.

In a statement issued today, Al-Assoumi said that targeting of the petroleum products distribution terminal is a cowardly terrorist act. He added that it is part of a plan to target vital and economic facilities and affect energy supplies and oil prices in the global market.

Al-Assoumi called on the international community to take urgent action to confront these terrorist acts.

Al-Assoumi expressed his confidence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's ability to protect its vital and economic facilities and firmly confront terrorist groups. He affirmed the Arab Parliament’s full solidarity with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its support in all measures it takes to protect its vital and economic facilities against whoever tries to undermine its security and stability.

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