Khalid Al Oud (Riyadh Daily)
Saudi moves all Healthcare services into National Health Holding Company and launches National Health Insurance Center

Saudi Cabinet decided Tuesday, May 31, to establish the Health Holding Company, and to approve the charter of the National Health Insurance Center. The decision came in place to improve the overall performance of the Saudi healthcare system, in which the Ministry of Health will focus on regulating and supervising all public and private health institutions. While the Health Holding Company via its local health cluster subsidiaries will provide integrated healthcare services to beneficiaries all around the Kingdom.

The decision included approving the charter of the National Health Insurance Center, which will purchase health services provided by the Health Holding Company or any of its subsidiaries. As well as transferring all direct healthcare-related funds allocated in the national budget from the Ministry of Health to the Center, in accordance with the road map set by the supervisory committee for privatization of the health sector.

In the future, the Health Holding Company will establish health clusters in the form of independent companies known as Health Cluster Companies, to provide services. While the Ministry of Health, as a regulatory and supervisory body, prepares healthcare coverage regulations -considering the needs of beneficiaries- protects them from health risks, and ensures overall quality and fair distribution of services.

Minister of Health, Eng. Fahd Al-Jalajil explained that the decision embodies the leadership’s interest in improving health care services provided to all citizens and residents. In pursuit of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 goals.

Al-Jalajil added that this decision lays the legal foundations for implementing the transformation strategy in the Ministry, which will take place in successive stages over the coming years. Where the local health clusters (subsidiaries of the Holding Company) will implement a set of programs aimed at enhancing community health through the prevention and early detection of diseases by means of developing primary health care services.

The new company will also provide specialized services such as: caring for patients with cancer and kidney failure, developing critical care services; Ensuring the speedy handling of heart attacks, strokes, and injuries, and expanding digital health programs and virtual medical care services.

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