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Stopping Going To Extreme

Undoubtedly, Iran is behind the attacks that took place yesterday and the last few days in the oil refineries in Dawadmi and Afif and the Arabian Gulf. 

Our accusation is not as arbitrary as it is based on facts. We say it is Iran because the arms it controls are those who carried out and will carry out such acts. This is something we are aware of and so we have had to be explicit and straight. 

The Iranian arms in the region are basically its fabrication and seed aimed to divide the Arab ranks. 

We admit that they succeeded in its mission to find agents and weak souls who sold their homeland and their families to get money stained with the blood of innocents from their homelands or to get a false leadership through which they play the roles of puppets moved by Iran whenever and whenever it desires.

Highly dangerous developments took place in the past few days and that coincided with the US mobilization of an arsenal of weapons in the region represented in sending Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier as well as long-range B-52 missiles to be part of the additional forces in the Middle East in order to address the Iranian threats. 

So, the atmosphere in the region foreshadow a confrontation, especially after Iran's persistence either directly or through the arms that we have mentioned. 

In both cases, Iran is the first actor and must be stopped, whether through serious negotiations or even a military strike, even if limited, restore things to normal and to wake its regime up and make it know its real size that it must have, not the size that is believed to have reached as a superpower that wrestles the countries of the world, thinking itself superior although it is not. 

It is only a regime that lives in illusions that need to be awakened so as not to continue in threatening the security and stability of one of the most important regions of the world, and even threatening international navigation as a whole.

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