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Pottery Fragments Dating to the early Islamic Era Discovered at Archeological Site in Riyadh

Archaeological excavations at the archaeological site of Ghilan in Audat Sudair of Al-Mujamaa governorate in Riyadh region revealed a number of glazed and unglazed pottery fragments dating back to the early Islamic era indicating an early settlement period thereof.

The excavations being carried out by a specialized team from the Antiquities and Museums Sector at Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) in cooperation with Arab East Colleges of Graduate Studies' support and funding have revealed that the Ghilan palace was built in a unique location at the foot of a mountain overlooking the valley of Sudair, with an area of (684 m) above the sea level.

It is worth mentioning that the project comes within the joint memorandum of cooperation between SCTH and Arab East Colleges of Graduate Studies for the survey and archaeological excavations of the archaeological site of Ghailan in Audat Sudair in Al-Mujamaa's government of the region of Riyadh, where a scientific team from the Sector of Antiquities and Museums and the Office of Antiquities in Al-Muajmaa of the first phase has started its excavation work at the site on Sunday, 25/3/2018 for a period of (15) days.

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