Riyadh Daily
Menacing mullah regime

The anger against the mullah regime in Iran is spreading fast. The Iranians have broken the barriers placed before them over the past 39 years by Khomeini. The Khomeini revolution used various fables and legends as a front to subjugate and humiliate the common people.
The demonstrators let out their wrath by setting images of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on fire and calling for his death. They demanded the end of his regime which had violated their right to lead a decent life and join the civilized world.
The regime is now threatening to crack down severely on the hapless Iranians, who had no other option but to take to the streets. The Revolutionary Guard forces have shot dead and injured several protestors. The relationship between the Iranians and the ruling clique is showing every sign of complete collapse. The people no longer recognize the legitimacy of the corrupt regime and nobody believes in the promises made by the regime-run media.   
While the uprising is an internal matter, its repercussions extend beyond its borders. Tehran has brought untold sufferings to the peoples of Lebanon and Yemen. Mullah agents have killed scores of innocent people in these countries and have spread chaos in the entire region.
The international community is watching the happenings in Iran – a country torn apart by the Khomeini revolution and made into a toxic source of terror. Iranians are still hoping to come out of the dark tunnel into a world of peace and prosperity where their legitimate rights are protected, away from the menacing regime of the mullahs.

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