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Optimal Exploitation

Saudi diplomacy has always been appreciated by the international community for its gravity, balance and transparency, a matter which has earned it a high degree of credibility that other countries lack. 

Thus, countries of the world strive to develop close relations with it, fully aware that they will reap tremendous political and economic benefits in the first place in the light of the positive changes that our country has been through and that have made it receive the global attention.

His Highness the Crown Prince's tour, which started with Pakistan and includes India and China respectively, comes within the framework of strengthening the strategic partnerships that are already in place with these countries and developing their mechanisms in line with the shared interests of all parties. 

The results of the tour are as promising as their predecessors. In Islamabad, the first stop, partnership was highlighted, supported and developed, a matter which we expect to take place in New Delhi and Beijing. The purpose of the visit is to emphasize and advance these partnerships, review what has been implemented and remove barriers, if any, until these partnerships reach the goals for which they were established.

The Kingdom is characterized by its varied visionary and balanced policies and its distinguished standing in the Arab world, both Islamic and international. God has endowed it with diverse natural resources and geographical location in the middle of the world's continents. 

This has made the countries of the world aspire eager for closer relations with our country. This will be of great benefit through partnerships based on joint interests, with both countries of the East or the West, a matter that gives it credibility that is not enjoyed by many of the countries that try to go on the same bath but in vain. 

We are in the process of heading towards the goals set by Vision 2030 which we trust to put our country in the ranks of developed countries thanks to our optimal exploitation of all our available potential.

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