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Firm policy rejects guardianship and supports allies

Gulf officials stressed that the His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz's interview with Bloomberg Daily is transparent and clear, in which he stressed that "there is no supremacy over the Kingdom that preserves its security with its people." The Gulf officials pointed out that the young prince explained that the Kingdom would not abandon the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) supports its allies and sides with them in whatever that serves their development. He also explained that the Kingdom's strategy to support Bahrain's economy and resolve the oil production in the neutral zone with Kuwait will result in joint action to serve the peoples of the two brotherly countries as part of the keenness of their leaderships.

Supporting allies

Bahraini Economic Adviser, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sadiq described the Saudi Crown Prince's talk to Bloomberg on the Saudi-Kuwaiti-Emirate support of Bahrain's economy is very important and timely strategy, a matter that will enhance the cooperation of the Gulf House. It also reflects the Saudi Crown Prince's vision on the important Gulf cooperation and support of Bahrain's economic history, especially that Bahrain, in terms of the public budget, suffers from a deficit along with the decline of oil previously. He added that this support will allow Bahrain and place it in a suitable position to issue the required securities in the forthcoming period, especially the in international markets. He emphasized that this strategy confirmed by the Saudi Crown Prince proves that the Kingdom sides with its brothers in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and demonstrates the Kingdom's clear and honest strategy towards its brothers from all countries.

Firm constants

Bahraini Political Analyst, Jamal Bu Hassan said: "Certainly, the words of His Royal Highness Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to Bloomberg that the Kingdom stands with the GCC countries and will not abandon any country, especially with the Kingdom of Bahrain, and the Saudi positions supporting the GCC countries are firm constants in Saudi politics. Throughout history, the Saudi wise leadership confirms that its actions are louder than words, and its support and positions are immortal, influential and rooted down deep into the hearts of nations before they are reported by history. He asserted that the Saudi stances are not limited to the GCC countries, but they have gone far to all Arab and Islamic countries, and the whole world as well. Thus, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has never stopped or slackened its stand with its brothers and allies and it is always keen to maintain the unity of the Gulf entity. He added that the distinctive relation between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait will create positive results aimed at resolving the oil production in the neutral region, especially in the light of the powerful Saudi-Kuwaiti relations. He said: "I believe that the deep and strong relations and the wisdom of the two leaderships and their keenness to maintain whatever that is in favor of their peoples will be the positive solution to any file is the solution whether at the present time or in the future, because the relations between the two countries cannot be affected by any emergency. Everyone is confident and sure that the wisdom of the Saudi and Kuwaiti leaderships is the safety valve."

Promoting joint action

Saudi Political Analyst, Khalid Al-Za'tar asserted that the Saudi-Bahraini relations could be deemed an example of how keen Saudi Arabia is to promote the joint GCC action and maintain the stability of the GCC countries. The Saudi-Bahraini relations, which are deeply rooted in history, are an extensive experience thanks to the Kingdom's keenness to maintain the stability and security of Bahrain. Throughout its history, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has endeavored to activate its entire tools and potential to ensure the interests of the Bahraini brothers.
He said: "It could be said that Saudi Arabia's support to Bahrain has gone through three stages; diplomacy, military force and economic force. When we go back in time, we find that Saudi Arabia has sought to activate diplomacy to preserve the Arab identity of Bahrain. During the reign of King Saud, may God have mercy on him, the stage of diplomacy began when he decided in 1954 to make his first visit to Bahrain, slapping the Iranians when the Shah sent an envoy to the Saudi Monarch asking him to cancel his visit to Bahrain as part of Iranian territory. King Saud replied that the Kingdom never recognized any sovereignty by Iran or any other over Bahrain."

Economic stage

Za'tar asserted: "It could be said that the stage currently witnessed by the region is purely economic, in light of the current economic changes in the region and the talk about the post-oil transition via economic reforms and visions in the long run, similar to Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030. Therefore, we can call this stage the stage of activating the economic strength in the Saudi-Bahraini relations. It comes out of the awareness and recognition of the Saudi political leadership of the importance of achieving the economic stability, which is not only through financial support, but also through the benefit from the successful Saudi economic experience marked by the Crown Prince. Since each stage has its tools and weapons, we can say that achieving economic stability is the weapon for Bahrain that helps it against the challenges and work on achieving sustainable development. This is what His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has thought, by developing the Kingdom's strategy to side with its brothers in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and which demonstrates the young man's policy to maintain the security and stability of  the brothers of the Kingdom."

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