Report – Hussein Elbadawy
Does Qatari storm hide role in Khashoggi disappearance?

As usual, Doha has launched its media outlets to influence public opinion on the disappearance of Saudi citizen Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul. Al Jazeera, through its website and satellite channel, has devoted a large space in a special file filled around the clock with fabricated lies, though the circumstances of the case are still vague and without any signs on the rumors that the channel promotes.
The Saudi Consulate in Istanbul denounced the irresponsible accusations made by Turkish official sources, pointing out that whoever propagated the story of Khashoggi's death inside the embassy bears the legal responsibility for these irresponsible and unfounded accusations,  let alone the great harm to the Saudi citizen's family owing to the false news. The Saudi Consulate is waiting for sharing the information obtained by the Turkish security authorities in order to know the details of the disappearance of its citizen Jamal Khashoggi. The Consulate believes that the leak of incorrect information in the case of the disappearance of a Saudi citizen makes his safe return very complicated to be true.
The Saudi authorities rushed to send a security delegation and investigators to Istanbul to take part in the investigations, out of its keenness to make every effort as always to follow up the situation of its citizens abroad, and does not accept any bidding on its efforts in this regard.
The false allegations promoted by some parties, and the coincidence of some statements with their publication and broadcast, raise suspicion in the intentions of those bodies and whether there is vague information in the case of Khashoggi's disappearance.
For his part, Major General Ahmad Al-Awadi, Member of the National Defense and Security Committee of the Egyptian Parliament, said in statement to Riyadh: "Al-Jazeera is an instrument for Israel and for those behind Israel, and all its positions are not in the service of the Arabs. If we look at many of the problems in the region, we'll find they have emerged because of Qatar and Al-Jazeera's policy which is hostile to Arab countries. The Kingdom and Egypt are vulnerable countries that are liable for crises created by Qatar to make use of these positions in favor of certain countries such as Turkey and Iran. However, Doha cannot exert pressure on major countries such as the Kingdom and Egypt. Everyone has seen the Canadian situation but thanks to Saudi Arabia' policy, countries adjust their positions."
Mohamed Hamed, Egyptian Researcher specialized in Arab affairs, said that the Qatari media has taken Khashoggi's case as a means of attacking Riyadh and exploited the Qatari e-flies to defame the Kingdom, as well as inciting Amnesty International and the United Nations to believe the fallacy of the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi.
Hamed pointed out that the local Turkish media has not addressed the issue at all; because this man is not Turkish and it does not matter to a greater or lesser degree the problems and concerns of the Turkish citizen. Doha is considered to be in a boxing match with the Arab Quartet and playing on a point system, and thus tried in vain to embarrass the Kingdom and distort its image and pinned the charge on it.
Hamed pointed out that it is in the interest of Turkey not to turn the issue into a political issue and to keep it in its purely criminal context, especially that Ankara needs the Saudi investments because it has been through a financial crisis and the Turkish economy is bleeding. Besides, turkey realizes that offending the Kingdom will have serious repercussions.
Mahmoud Kamal, Egyptian Researcher specializing in Arab affairs, stressed that the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi is orchestrated by intelligence agencies topped by Qatar, Turkey and Iran. He emphasized that the Qatari media's coverage of this incident confirms Doha's involvement as usual to pin the blame on Saudi Arabia, as in the case of the murdering of Regini from Italy. Therefore, this process aims to create a diplomatic crisis to trade and cause the embarrassment of the Kingdom before the international community under measures taken by the political leadership in order to clean up corruption and confront extremist thinkers, including the Muslim Brotherhood.

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