Riyadh Daily
Iran on sticky wicket

Any Iran observer will clearly understand that the Iranian regime is more an advocate of destruction than construction. Its policies are more geared towards gaining points through the malevolence of terrorist forces. But what Tehran does not fully realize is that the world has now woken up to the violent methods it employs to settle external and internal scores.  
It is only a matter of time when this terror policy will backfire on it. Had the Iranian regime focused on development within the country rather than dabble in alien affairs, it would not have been so sunk in the regional quagmire from which it finds itself difficult to extricate. Despite the material and human losses it has faced, the regime does not see the clear writing on the wall.
The situation in Syria is now getting out of its control. The Russians have stepped in, relegating the Iranians to the backyard from where it plays the role of a helpless observer without any real say.
Iran’s influence in Yemen is also dwindling. The Houthis are no longer the force it used to be.
Iran is also losing its foothold in Iraq with Baghdad slowly finding its way back to the Arab fold.
The Iranian regime has spent billions of dollars on unrealistic dreams that could otherwise have been well spent on the welfare of the Iranian people. The frustration of the Iranians was there for all to see at the recent uprisings in several Iranian cities. Their clarion call was clear: Stop squandering resources on plans that only bring disgrace to the country.
The Iranians are simply fed up. They are determined to regain their freedom and set the country back on the path to peace and prosperity.

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