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Our Cyber Security

The uninterrupted effort, exerted by the National Cyber Security Authority to draw up a solid plan for that important vital field in the Kingdom, provides an outline of the future pattern of the governmental orientation aiming at speeding up the pace of work and ensuring quality and accuracy of implementation.

Perhaps the first and most important step that has given clear indication of the importance of that field for the State was establishing the Authority and connecting it to the standing of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, stressing the importance of its works as the national reference in that regard by enhancing the cyber security of the State to protect its vital interests, national security and the sensitive infrastructure. 

This governmental orientation comes at a time when the world is experiencing technical revolutions that necessitate continuous keeping up with the accelerating developments that have made the information security a pattern of undeclared wars. This means the necessity of armament with that the latest scientific regulatory methods, procedures and technical tools must be established to protect the information networks and spaces.

Within the same framework related to the development of technical work, the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity and Programming (SFCSP) was established. It quickly worked on preparing a cognitive and technical community that places the Kingdom in the ranks of the developed countries in the field of technical and information innovation. Besides, Prince Mohammed Bin Salman College of Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technologies was established.

This integrated system, of work plans and administrative and technical effort that race the time to frame the vital field that is indispensable in a future based on technology and lives on the benefit of its outputs, reflects a sound reading and quick movement to set a foot in a future world that fully differs from all the known techniques that were the fruits of industrial revolutions experienced by the human societies since the 17th century.

The Kingdom, at the era of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Highness the Crown Prince and through many initiatives, including information security field, proves day after day that the next for the country will be different in terms of planning and strategies of development which have been, since its inception, held as a hostage to oil and it fluctuating prices.  We hope the Saudi youth to keep pace with sophisticated governmental vision as they are the first racehorse in the future race.

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