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Apple Music launches ‘New artists: Middle East’ playlist showcasing emerging talent in the region

Starting today, Apple Music is launching the 'New artists: Middle East' playlist featuring remarkable new artists from the region, and connecting listeners with exciting tracks and sounds. The playlist showcases musical talent from across the Middle East drawing on artists of diverse musical backgrounds, genres and styles. 

Apple Music provides artists and songwriters at every level of their career with a global platform to reach new and existing audiences. 'New artists: Middle East' spotlights the best upcoming local artists and gives them the platform to cross over to other countries and breakthrough internationally.

One of these artists, Ahmad AlNasheet, releases his first ever soundtrack titled ‘My Playstation’ on Apple Music. He says “I am so honoured to be one of the first artists featured in the ‘New Artists: Middle East’ playlist.” It feels good to represent our region, which is something I have always tried to do be it from video gaming to acting to creating content and now music.”

Alnasheet continues “having a home-grown playlist such as this to be a part of is a great opportunity not only for me but for all the artists in our region. This will help so many of them get the love they deserve, increase their exposure, and gain more fans that will appreciate their hard work.”

Subscribers can also enjoy discovering fresh tracks by emerging performers all in one place.  Lebanese singer / songwriter Bea Kadri who’s song ‘Right for ya’ appears on the playlist shares “I discover a lot of new artists and listen to my favorites on Apple Music, so I can only hope that by exposing my music to new listeners on the platform, it speaks to them in a special type of way and sets the mood for certain moments of their days. It's a unique bond that your platform facilitates between artist and listener.”

Kali-B and Ntitled are two talented young artists who came together to release an album titled "Can I Get a Minute?” with a special track ‘I got that.’ They mention  “platforms like Apple Music are allowing talent to thrive and reach people all around the world. We still have a long way to go, but this kind of support is exactly what is needed for talent to prosper.”

Bea concludes “there’s definitely been major shifts happening in the music scene in the Middle East! There are more artists breaking boundaries in the region, experimenting with their sounds and releasing fearlessly and confidently. I’m very excited to discover more talent and amazing music through the 'New artists: Middle East' playlist.”

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