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Saudi Arabia Joins Space Climate Observatory Charter to Address Impact of Climate Change

Saudi Arabia, through Saudi Space Agency, has officially joined the Space Climate Observatory Charter, an initiative led by France's National Centre for Space Studies (CNES), according to a press release from the Saudi Space Agency.

 This global effort unites both public and private sector players in the field of Earth observation to create a collaborative environment for addressing climate change, enabling the exchange of critical data and insights through the use of space technologies, and working towards reducing the adverse effects of climate change.

 According to the release, the charter aims to harness space technologies' capabilities and potential in studying, monitoring, mitigating, and adapting to the effects of climate change at local, regional, and international levels. It also promotes the exchange of expertise and knowledge to enhance the utilization of space technologies' best practices to achieve desired climate goals.

 The Saudi Space Agency CEO, Dr. Mohammed bin Saud Al Tamimi, and the French National Centre for Space Studies Chief Operating Officer, Lionel Suchet, signed the charter.

 Regarding the Kingdom joining the charter, Al Tamimi affirmed that this step reinforces its commitment to finding solutions to climate change and its impact on life on Earth. This commitment has driven the adoption of various green and sustainable energy initiatives, emphasizing the significance of global collaboration and active participation in finding solutions to the challenges confronting humanity.

 Al Tamimi emphasized the agency's vital role as a member of the Space Climate Observatory Charter, which now includes 27 nations. This membership is poised to drive impactful solutions for global climate challenges. He reaffirmed the agency's commitment to utilizing its technological and human resources to promote sustainability, benefit humanity and enhance the quality of life on our planet.

 This announcement follows the Kingdom's signing of the joint international statement on space-based climate monitoring in October last year.

 The Saudi Space Agency seeks to establish partnerships with regional and global entities to enhance integration and cooperation in utilizing space services for the benefit of humanity. These partnerships aim to address environmental, economic and social challenges, promoting sustainability and well-being.

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