Iran must be brought to book

Disrespect for international law and international resolutions has led to the spread of conflicts worldwide. Such conflicts have become the rule while stability, security and development are the exception.  
The international community must take a firmer stand in restoring affairs to normal and overcoming the vast number of current problems. At present, the values of justice and human rights have become a tool for playing the dirty game of politics and settling political scores among countries.
In the non-aligned countries’ ministerial conference held in Azerbaijan recently, Saudi Arabia underscored the need for ceasing all hostilities and abandoning all actions that are contrary to good neighborliness among countries. It called for non-interference in other countries’ internal affairs. These are the very principles of the non-alignment movement.     
The Saudi call has echoed widely, as it has been made just as the world was getting accustomed to shallow promises based on narrow interests. Many countries have infringed on other countries’ sovereignty in their self interests, thereby violating international conventions and norms. Some countries have even breached the rules of good neighborliness by meddling in the internal affairs of neighboring countries.
Iran is an example for such countries. In 2012, Iran hosted the non-alignment movement summit and adopted a policy of spreading peace, justice, freedom, dignity and human rights. But its actions have proved otherwise. It has constantly sparked wars and has violated all these values to export its version of an Islamic revolution.
More than ever, the world is now aware that deceptive sloganeering is no longer viable. What actually matters is the practice on the ground. Whoever violates international law and principles must be held accountable. Whoever stirs up crises and attempts to destabilize security in neighboring countries must be brought to book.

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