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Houthi coup militias suffer heavy losses in Saada

The Yemeni National Army in the sector of Alab has thwarted three attempts of coup militias to infiltrate into its positions overlooking the center of the Directorate of Baqam, Saada province, during which the militias suffered heavy human casualties.

The commander of the fifth brigade, Brigadier General Saleh Qaroush, confirmed in a statement to the September Net website, that the militias tried to infiltrate the army positions during three consecutive days in an attempt to regain positions recently liberated by the army.

Brigadier Qaroush added that violent clashes took place between the National Army, the 5th Brigade, Border Guard, and the coup militias where seven militia members were killed, dozens injured and the rest fled.

He said that the artillery of the Arab Coalition targeted one of the militia coup groups near the center of the Directorate of Baqem, where the coup militias suffered heavy losses.

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