By Dr. Talal Al-Harbi
The NWC and the Water Message Again

Few years ago, I wrote about the water portfolio in the Kingdom, and I focused on the operations and management of the National Water Company, being the competent authority in the work areas of its administration, including Riyadh, and my message was always called the water message which aims to spreading awareness and guidance of the importance of this national file.

At the same time, I wanted to help in the efforts of educating the citizens about the functions of the NWC and its jurisdiction, and to explain any ambiguity involving functions of other bodies such as the Saline Water Conversion Corporation or the Ministry of Water and the Ministry of Agriculture itself, which was at the time the only authority entrusted with the awareness outreach.

Today, in light of national changes and transformations of great importance we are going through in the Kingdom, the return to this file has become a national imperative for us as journalists and writers. Today, the water bill is no longer the same economically. 

At the same time, the water file has become more sensitive and dangerous. We have to reschedule our media priorities and come back to contribute to calming and correcting this serious water file in a populated country with scare water resources.

After these years, and in the aftermath of the current important changes taking place in the Kingdom, I find it necessary that media should revisit this crucial issue once again. 

There are many reasons as why should we raise this subject. One reason is that the water bill is sky rocketing, a fact which will have a hard impact on the consumers. 

Therefore, news media must reconsider their priorities and refocus on this crucial issue especially in view of the changes taking place in the structure of the company in terms of controlling its performance or its interaction with the consumers. 

This change is required and necessary; however it is high time to close some of the pages of the water file borne by the water company, such as accelerating completion of projects that are stalled for years.

Another aspect of this change is the implementation of the previously stated objectives, especially with regard to billing process and the challenges and updates accompanying it. 

One of the most important programs that we began to see on the ground by the company is the comprehensive program to end the process of correction and readjustment in order to achieve the concept of independent financial sustainability of the company. 

Once this program is realized it will be positively reflected in the form of advanced services to all consumers, companies and organizations.

My message today to the management of the company today is that it is necessary to address all the previous errors inherited from the past, and the resentment that we hear from consumers must be taken seriously into consideration and to be interpreted in the form of goals you are working to achieve. 

You should be the first to stir the stagnant water so that the relationship between you and your clients will be clarified and become as you wish; a relationship of mutual interest, interaction and interests. 

Undoubtedly, the first beneficiary will be the homeland within the context of its public interest.

We must rearrange the media file, and the ministry must give more space so that we all could join the company to build a media file whose most important features are to achieve the goals and do not  carry over the problems from one era to era. 

We are confident that when we achieve the principle of communication between us and agree on work mechanism and the general target within the context of water message, all obstacles and resentment and criticism will become mere memories of the past from which we learn lessons but do not experience in reality.

The company says its ultimate goal is to develop long-lasting customer relationships, which contributes to a better quality of life. We hope it will strive to be up to this motto!

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