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Crime and Punishment

The Houthi terrorist attack on Abha Airport will not go unnoticed but will be reaction will be equivalent to the horrific act. 

Targeting a civilian establishment with a missile is by all standards a war crime unequivocally with an evidence of evident recognition taken the character of arrogance and boast of bombing a civilian airport and causing injuries to safe and unarmed passengers without any kind of reprimand, a matter which confirms that the Houthi militias have been engaged in terrorism and absorbed the principles of the Iranian regime which made these militias and they are taught its lessons and carry them with all their might in attempts to undermine regional and international security and stability.

It is a war crime that flagrantly violated all international norms, charters and conventions without any moral or humanitarian deterrent to targeting a civilian establishment, insisting on causing harm to civilians who have been ensured protection, safety and security by all the norms and laws. 

Yet, Al-Houthi behaved as if all these norms and charters do not exist, or rather have no value to him, being the creator of a rogue terrorist militia that does not respect norms and laws, but merely concern for satisfying its masters in Tehran and trying to get them out of the grasp by diverting attention from their situation but they will never come out of it as they wish or expect through the terrorist practices of their lackeys in the region.

The silence of the international position towards this terrorist crime is really shocking. While organizations claiming to be humanitarian and whose voice is based on falsification of facts by Al-Houthi, and dramatizing minor issues, their silence towards the terrorist attack on Abha Airport shows their true colors not seeking truth as much as distorting the truth to serve unknown goals. 

The role played by Martin Griffith, the third UN envoy to the Yemeni crisis, is clear evidence of the bias to Al-Houthi to the detriment of the Yemeni legitimacy recognized by countries around the world and at the expense of the present and the future of Yemen and its people.

We have all the potential that deter Al-Houthi militarily and politically, and we believe that the response will be firm on the two tracks. We will not stand idly by while attacking an inch of our pure land.. the land of the Two Holy Mosques.

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