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Confidence Enhancement

In the Saudi economic scene, there is no voice louder today than the "Aramco IPO", which has been the talk of investors at home and abroad for long. 

This IPO succeeded in restoring prestige and confidence to the investment sector in the Kingdom, after a wave of disruptions which hit the main investment vessels, especially the capital and real estate markets. 

Prior to the IPO, chances for serious and guaranteed investment were relatively limited within an economy ranking the 16th place globally, and with a financial abundance for many investors and businessmen.

Aramco is the most profitable company in the world, and is considered to be the largest company in the world as well. 

It possesses assets, privileges and profitability, and direct and indirect shares in more than 140 companies in the world, as well as perfect management leadership and a mega host of the best local and international competencies and the great ability to make balance in the oil sector worldwide. 

The company will be more active in investing locally and abroad, especially as the Kingdom has an ambitious program aiming to be the most prominent center in the field of energy, whether oil or solar energy. 

Chances continue to exist with regard to new oil discoveries, whether from the ground or shale oil in the Kingdom, and Aramco can significantly invest in these chances, due to its capacity as the concessionaire in the exploration of oil in the resource-rich Kingdom.

Today, Aramco allows all Saudi and foreign investors, through its IPO, to pump their money into the largest integrated oil company in the world, which has a lot of perceptions, plans and programs. 

Perhaps Aramco's acquisition of a 70% stake in SABIC recently confirms its ambition for a prosperous future in the Saudi and global economy.

In line with the aspirations of Vision 2030 and its multiple objectives, it seems that Aramco's IPO will be a first of several stations to be announced in succession, all aimed at consolidating the investment sector in the Kingdom in order to attract local and foreign investments and inject them into specific projects with the aim to support the national economy and strengthen it with sustainable sources of income. 

This is reflected positively on securing job opportunities for the country's youth, diversifying sources of income, and reducing dependence on oil income.

We say that Aramco's IPO indicators are very successful, and goals are achieved successively. 

Tomorrow, when the Vision is complete, the Kingdom will have an ideal economic sector to follow and the average citizen and businessman will find all the motivating elements and facilities required to invest their savings in the perfect way.

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