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The Iranian regime is trying its best to depict the popular uprising in several cities of the country as one instigated by foreign elements. The world knows well that this is far from the truth, and that it is nothing but an Iranian attempt to hoodwink the people.
The prevailing conditions in Iran never did need a foreign hand to light the fuse. The people’s frustrations run deep, with living conditions only getting worse day by day. The regime has ignored the people and, instead, has diverted its full attention to nurture its expansionist agenda.
In desperation, the regime is appealing to the Iranian people to confront the “external parties” – when, in fact, there are none. Iranians know well that their protests are home-grown due to Tehran’s utter disregard for the welfare of the common people.
The ongoing protests are clearly spontaneous and a result of accumulating factors of oppression at the hands of the ruling mullahs. A glaring example is the frequent public executions of people opposed to their rule.
Political analysts are in fact surprised as to how these street protests did not spark off years ago. The regime has never changed its policies towards the people and has never really paid any attention to their wellbeing. Over the past years, the Iranians have been seeing their country’s resources being squandered on irrelevant issues that are detrimental to national interests.
Iranians are now aware that the grave injustice being meted out to them can only come to an end with the fall of the current regime and a new people-oriented leadership takes over. They can then live with dignity and look forward to a prosperous life for generations to come.

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