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Single Trench

The Saudi-Emirate relationship serves as a safety valve, not only for the two countries, but for the entire regional system. 

They embody the values of stability and development, as well as the logic of political rationality and the modern state concept, in respecting international values and legislations, and maintaining normal relations with the countries of the world by dealing through known official channels. 

These aspects explain the ongoing campaign of questioning the foundations of this entrenched relationship by the opponents of the rational logic of the management of states, and by states that disdain the concepts of sovereignty and good-neighborliness.

Those opponents are unaware of the deep and solid foundation of the relationship between the Kingdom and the UAE. It is the same foundation that has overcome the natural differences and discrepancies over the years, and did not affect it or undermine its robustness, but it grows stronger and more solid every time, rooted by the historical link and the future partnership. 

Those who are driven by the ideology of chaos, are also unaware that the two Gulf brothers have decided on their future and aware of the attempts aimed to drag them back; fearing of the completion of their renaissance projects that will dispel the projects of chaos and sectarianism, as some countries have made themselves a platform to implement such projects and spread devastation and destruction in the region.

Insiders of the international diplomacy realize that the perfect symmetry of visions and strategies among allied countries is not possible, but the wise countries manage their relations based on the factors of convergence and common interests. 

What brings together the Kingdom and the UAE is more than just immediate interests and future partnership, as they are brought together by history, geography and official and popular close to consolidate the bonds between the two countries.

In this sense, His Highness Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, affirmed that the UAE stands with the Kingdom in a single trench, reflecting the shared destiny and future of the two countries to form an alliance to establish stability and stand in the face of the challenges in the region.

In brief, the KSA-UAE relationship is a necessary and strategic need for all. Anyone who tries to mess with these axioms, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed responds with a profound statement: "A country that wishes to build itself and have a path like the path of developed countries must overcome the tremendous difficulties and challenges."

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