Khashoggi's alleged fiancée and her relationship with Erdogan… story of scandalous transformation after Istanbul-hotel meeting

Strangely and suspiciously, a Turkish woman showed up claiming to be the fiancée of the disappeared Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi and tried to draw attention to her that she was in the company of Khashoggi when he was at the Saudi consulate.
Khadija Cengiz Turkish national, appeared suddenly after the disappearance of Khashoggi, and sought to incite the media figures and collect them in front of the Saudi consulate; on the pretext that she did not see the Saudi writer exit the place, a matter which is proved to be false with the media's entry into the consulate and proving the absence of Khashoggi.
The Turkish lady raised a bigger issue on Twitter after the statement by the Khashoggi family that they do not know the woman who claims to be his fiancée and that they do not know about the engagement at all, stressing their total rejection of the politicization of Khashoggi's disappearance and the access of anti-Saudi elements with the aim to spread rumors.
With a closer look at her active Twitter account, which is now followed up by 54,000 Twitterers, Khadija is interested in the Gulf economic and social affairs, promotes the Turkish tourism, and neutral in reading the Arab boycott of Qatar. However, it has changed since she met a popular Qatari journalist and interviewed him in May 2018 for "Foreign Policy" Magazine at the lobby of the Conrad Hotel in Istanbul, and the interview published in July. Since then, Cengiz has turned to criticize the Kingdom, and blatantly sides with the Hamadeen regime.
Cengiz is a Turkish researcher interested in Omani affairs. She holds a master's degree from the Sultan Qaboos Institute in Muscat, entitled "Doctrinal Coexistence in Oman" in 2012. She is fluent in Arabic, and identifies herself as a researcher in Omani affairs and interested in the Gulf affair in general.
According to media reports, she confirmed her relationship with Turkish President Erdogan, while activists on Twitter said that her father is an adviser to the Turkish presidency.
On the other hand, Khashoggi, who is disappeared since last Tuesday, did not mention any connection to a lady, and she did not appear with him unless in one of his tweets in early August during a meeting in Istanbul in the company of a number of Turkish intellectuals, and described her as specialized in the Omani affair and wrote a kook in that connection.

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