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Combating and Accountability

There can be no development as corruption exists and every serious productive work is done with accountability. 

This is the result of the royal decrees recently issued to strengthen the Kingdom's direction and affirm its progress towards comprehensive development and removing all obstacles in the way of the achievement of our gigantic national project, Vision 2030.

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz, Allah save him, said: "The Kingdom never accepts corruption against anyone and never grants anyone immunity in corruption-relation." His Highness the Crown Prince said: "We are interested in being at the forefront of countries in combating corruption." This is the tendency of our leadership which has set an indispensable goal in rooting a culture that already exists in our religion, principles and customs, and is rooted through a host of actions that never lets anyone derive from their frameworks as they do not tolerate those who try to break the strict regulations and laws. 

These actions serve as a deterrent to whoever thinks of pursuing corruption of all kinds and forms to achieve their goals, in order to protect the State's resources and public money, a lofty that we must support and achieve.

In the same vein, the name of the General Audit Bureau has been changed to the General Bureau of Accountability, which aims at (tightening financial control over all the State's revenues and expenses, monitoring all movable and fixed funds and verifying their good use and preservation, as well as monitoring the performance of the government agencies to ensure their efficient, effective and economic use of their resources to achieve the goals set for them successfully). 

It is then an integrated plan of action aimed at preserving the interests of the State and raising the efficiency of the productive work that serves the interest of the country and the citizen to achieve our national project with efficiently and aptly.

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