Riyadh - SPA
International Council for Dates Stresses Importance of Dates Sector in Achieving Economic, Social, Environmental Development

The final statement of the 3rd session members of the International Council for Dates (ICD), held in Riyadh on December 6, 2023, stressed the importance of dates as a strategic crop, with high nutritional value and massive economic, social, environmental, and cultural importance.

 The statement underlined the importance of the palm and dates sector to the producing countries to achieve economic, social and environmental development and improve food security in rural areas.

 The statement praised the role of ICD's efforts to activate international cooperation, thus achieving sustainable development in the fields of production, manufacturing, marketing, international trade, research development, and exchange of information of the sector at the national, regional, and international levels.

 The statement urged countries producing and importing dates, which were invited to join the council as full or participating members, to complete the procedures to join the council through the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

 The statement recommended approving the council's strategy and action plan proposal for the year (2024-2025), the financial policies regulation, and the regulation of the council's activities and projects, in addition to forming the council's Financial Supervision Authority for the years (2024-2025), and joint technical committees.

 The statement also welcomed the participation of Jordan, Bahrain, and Egypt, along with other organizations, entities, and associations, praising the role of the kingdom and all the participating countries for the success of the current session.

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