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Peace Obstacles

It is assumed that US President Donald Trump announced his plan for peace in the Middle East, which he called the "Deal of the Century" yesterday evening. He said that it had taken many years, decades and centuries in the search for peace in the Middle East, and this is an opportunity to achieve this. He sees - from his point of view - that there is a real opportunity to conclude a permanent peace agreement between the Palestinians and the Israelis if his plan is implemented.

Yet, leaks on the plan - if correct - indicate that the security and interest of Israel are its basis at the expense of the Palestinians, their land, and the future of their existence. The plan started by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and then recognizing the legitimacy of settlements, in violation of international resolutions, and recognizing the annexation of the Syrian Golan Heights and the Jordan Valley as well to Israel.

The features of the US plan have not received any acceptance from the Palestinian side, which is concerned as a major partner in any peace plan. The Palestinians view this plan as finishing off their cause and fully biased in favor of Israel. The Palestinian side say that the plan does not serve their demands but it rather consolidates the Israeli occupation, calling for the international community to boycott the this plan which violates the international law, considering it as a "liquidation of the Palestinian cause", demanding that the international community should not be a partner in it.

Peace in the Middle East is an unquestionable demand, and we all seek it. The Arab Peace Initiative is an optimal solution to be applied if there are sincere intentions for a comprehensive and permanent solution. The Initiative offered balanced solutions that preserve the historical rights of the Palestinian people on their lands, and offer Israel real opportunities for security and peace, but Israel always wants peace that fulfills its demands regardless of the demands of the other side, a matter which hinders any initiative on peace in the Middle East.

We do not want to jump to conclusions without having the US plan in its full details so that we can judge whether or not it will succeed and whether it can be achieved with the consent of both parties.

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