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As the seven habits become eight; 5S of Lean Management become 6S and recently become 7S same upgrade now reach also objectives that to be from S.M.R.T objectives to S.M.R.TER.

That in 1981 in a topic by George T. Doran in Management Review publication titled as S.M.A.R.T. Mentioned the setting and description of business management’s objectives that to be a specific, meaningful, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Now, the new approach is S.M.A.R.T.E.R. By adding two further aspects that the objectives required to evaluate and readjust as to be the last stages of setting these objectives.


Everyone is required to have a real concrete direction for his lives in another word compass. It is very hard goals in your life without objectives, how to be in the right way, or not clear what that direction is or where you will be.

The objective is one of important factor of our life as that what those objectives mean to us which includes our hope and dreams and translating our vision into reality also, help to steer the ship of our lives through windy and choppy waters, across the channels of struggle, and onto the coasts of achievement. As per “S.M.R.TER” criteria our objectives must be: 

[S] Specific

The first phase of S.M.A.R.T.E.R is to have a specific objective, better and more able to accomplish with negligtion of the mythology that to be used in that. This means that you do not general statement like the one I need money, you should determine how much for example. In other, better as figures, which that language in this case me, prefer.as our brain to understand it and avoid unobvious message that our brain unable to recognize and deal. Be specific as much as you can and do not be afraid to be more and more specific. 

[M] Meaningful / Measurable 

Second phase of S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Is to set objectives that are meaningful and measurable is essential that to be able to track and achieve them. 

Understanding of the objectives and what is the real meaning behind it is important. To clarify that the two questions here are “How to know that the objective is achieved? And which indications are required to show that (tracking)?”

[A] Achievable/Attainable:

The Third phase is that the objective be achievable or attainable which is her linking to the realistic yes we should dream and use our imagination to set our life objectives, But in the other hand that better to make a kind of balance not in all objectives but in most of them this balance between the reality and the imagination.

As the fail in achieve some or more of objective lead to disappointed and self-Sabotage in most of the situations. An objective to be reached should be through way and means aligned with our values.

[R] Relevant

Relevant on other word related or complement with other objectives and to consider the maturity of our roles under our vision and priorities as well not conflict with other objectives that to say to create a kind of harmony between all of your objectives. It also requires checking whether the timing for the objective is suitable. 

[T] Time-Bound

Here required to focus on setting an right time of achieving these objectives better to be in period of one year that to be matching with you long strategy which include your mission for example gaining money , transfer to better job , losing weight , traveling , celebrations of  occasions for this year…ect.

We should have a clear plan of our time schedule and here you can utilize some IT or S.M.R.T phone applications or MS outlook calendar tools that as per our experience it will make it easier to prepare, remind and achieve.

[E] Evaluated

Now we will start with the new approach that added as it was S.M.A.R.T now S.M.R.T.E.R So, [E] refer to “Evaluated” and that is easy to understand this phase that is to say after the process of S.M.R.T or for any process in general the evaluation, which is required which will lead us to the last phase of S.M.R.T.E.R, [R] Readjust, however the key word here is challenging we are now specific and clear, tracking, connecting, timing is there so, now where we are? Are we in the right direction and utilizing the time and resources properly? What is completed and what is pending and why? Ask yourself, please.

[R] Readjust

Coming here for the final step in setting S.M.A.R.T.E.R objectives that are to re-adjust.

As we mentioned above that after evaluation you need to list the pending objectives and explore the options here, let us go for some of the management tools that make sense in this case that, as it is the process is not running of achievement smoothly. We are facing a problem, so, in management approaches, there is an excellent tool called “Problem Solving Model” the six steps of this model that you applied in this phase are:

• Define the problem.

• Generate as many of the solutions (By: analyze, brain storming, share with others).

• Evaluate of these solutions (filter them choose the best). 

• Selection now among the solutions. 

• Implementation.

• The Following up 

By the way, there are many different for Problem Solving models or steps, but we prefer this one more direct and simple to observe. However, the result of these processes is in fact the “Readjust”.

In conclusion

One of the best feeling of our life is to succeed in anything that for sure will make you happy and proud of yourself and we cannot estimate or know the limitation of it.

It is a wonderful feeling of your objectives, achievements and that may surprise you how much many of them were easy and in the short time it were achieved, do you know the secret here?  It is focusing as your objectives were clear it and put it in the kind of process such as S.M.A.R.T.E.R, that will lead to this, wish you the best.


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