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Qatari institutions cast off

The Kosovan government's decision of suspending the activities of Qatar Charity in the country for security reasons is a new blow to the Qatari regime, and opens another file that is added to dozens of files that confirm this regime's involvement in funding terrorism and money laundry crimes.

Qatar Charity, whose activities are distributed in dozens of poor and developing countries, is a cover that Doha has always used to communicate with and finance terrorist groups. It is also a container for movements against the governments of these countries as part of Qatar's quest to gain a foothold in the greatest number of countries as possible.

Kosovo's step was preceded by other ones taken by many countries owing to Qatar's notorious entity as a result of its support for terrorism and interference in the internal affairs of states without any moral deterrent or respect for international laws and norms.

The Qatari insistence on this misconduct expresses a model of the way affairs are run in Doha, which has made it lose the respect of the countries of the world and even put it and its Iranian ally on a pariah list that would be left with no role in any international joint effort for establishing security and promoting stability in the world.

Frequently, while it is difficult to find any justification for the political practices of the Qatari regime, especially with regard to the file of foreign relations, the criminal tendency that is inherent in Doha always places it in the dock. While countries ally to combat terrorism, eliminate its hotbeds and cut off its sources of funding, Doha moves on supporting and extending the scope of this scourge.

It is too bad for things to go down into this bottom in Qatar, and it is shameful for an Arab Islamic state to line up alongside terrorism. Yet, it is the reality that everyone faces in their own way and view. There are countries that have decided to stand firmly against the Qatari terrorist project and took many measures to deter Doha, and other countries have taken other routes, some of which are undeclared, to ensure the safety of their institutions from any intersection with Qatar.

Qatar is currently living in isolation because of its policies. The Qataris are aware about the world's confidence that their country loses every day, a matter which prolongs its crisis and makes it difficult for any future effort to bring Doha back to the list of reputable countries and thus to its Arab and Islamic incubator.

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