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Grabbing of Intellect

The solid Saudi political structure and its stable social fabric do not need to be publicized, announced or promoted in the international community. 

It is a product of political prudence and deep experience established by its brilliant founder King Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman, may God rest his soul , who set pillars of justice, equality and support to the rights and freedoms of individuals. 

This freedom dissociates itself from confessionalism and sectarianism and all that would create a social gap that overshadows social peace and security.

This steadfastness and firmness created from our rising young kingdom a model of good governance that we do not find in countries that claim equality and advocate human rights, liberal ideas, enlightenment and other concepts of justice, freedom and rights.

Yet, there are those who do not appreciate the value of the homeland, its security and the well-being of its citizens. 

They surrender their minds and intellects to hostile foreign bodies and organizations, owing to their blind dependency, ignorance and backwardness and the possibility of being rallied around to terrorist groups whose aim is to destroy both human and vital installations.

Terrorism continues to be seen at times - even sporadically - in a disturbing way that reflects the grabbing of holders of such an intellect who lack intellectual independence awareness of the importance of their homeland, their livelihood and the dignity of their community. 

Yesterday, the State Security Presidency announced that as a result of the follow-up of its competent bodies to the activities of the terrorist elements, it has been able to eliminate a terrorist cell. 

Security achievements have become a necessary trait and accompaniment to our brave security personnel in the light of careful follow-up of the leadership. 

It is a matter that we are proud of. It confirms our ceaseless successes to defeat terrorism and its remnant forces the delinquent sons of the homeland, who accepted to be knives in the hands of our enemies and went into confusion that led only to devastation, loss and destruction.

All the spectrums and cities of our society are called upon to continue to cooperate more and more effectively in protecting their homeland from these evil people by observing any suspicious behavior or misguided intellectual orientation and working together with the security men who are always up for our welfare and well-being. 

Cooperation among members of the society is our way to a perfect society enjoying love, cohesion, virtue and common good.

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