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DGDA Launches Handicraft School Training Program

The Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) has launched its Handicraft School, a 12-week training program in late January and early June of this year.
The program provides training each week across 12 professions: carpentry; plastering; decoupage; palm leaf weaving and braiding; perfume making; bead making; brass arts; pottery; bisht embroidery; leather burnishing; gypsum arts; and artifact documentation and photography. The handicrafts are by skillful Saudi experts.
Aspiring craftspeople are encouraged to apply for the program through DGDA’s website. They will be trained in each of their chosen trades for a week across multiple in-person workshops.
On this occasion, DGDA would like to highlight its connection to supporting capabilities and talents within the local community in Diriyah by developing craftsmanship. The program seeks to strengthen residents’ connection to the past by inheriting the skills and mastery of local handicrafts that showcase the value of Saudi heritage for visitors and tourists visiting Diriyah from different countries. It pointed out that this measure and similar programs within the cultural and heritage dimensions lie at the core of the authority’s goal to engage with the Diriyah community. Also, DGDA’s affirmed commitment to involving residents in all events and activities organized, by the authority, to bring valuable contributions to the area’s construction and redevelopment.
Traditional handicraft practices can help give voice to a nation’s culture and the stories of its people. This program aims to preserve Saudi Arabia’s heritage and identity by highlighting its wealth of handicraft knowledge and preserving it for generations.
The Handicraft School is one of several DGDA programs that aim to foster a supportive, growth-oriented environment within Diriyah. This program will give rise to the local community, driven by a deep sense of pride and belonging, which strives to represent its historic town authentically. Ultimately, reconnecting the people of Diriyah with their ancestors’ practices also gives them the ability to showcase their national heritage to visitors, tourists, and enthusiasts of older, simpler times from around the world.

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