Riyadh - SPA
A Delegation from Command and Staff College Visits "SPA"

A delegation from Command and Staff College of the Armed Forces visited here today the headquarters of the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) in Al-Sahafah neighborhood.

The delegation headed by Brigadier Salem bin Hassan Al-Shehri was received by President of Saudi Press Agency Abdullah bin Fahd Al-Hussein who welcomed them to SPA.

The delegation was briefed on the progress of the SPA's departments, its sections and halls, including internal and external editing news desks, photography, TV production, the new media, the media center which includes modern technical equipment as well as detailed explanation on the mechanism of daily work, the stages of news transmission until reaching recipients via the transmission in the SPA automated system, technical and editing capabilities available to provide a qualitative work that keeps pace with the national renaissance in various fields and the method it deals with various sources and media materials.

The SPA officials presented the delegation with an explanation of the mechanism of work and transmission through the portal http://www.spa.gov.sa/ and the new media means according to their different platforms.

The delegation commended the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) for providing excellent news services at all levels and adapting them to achieve media works that keep pace with the development and renaissance being witnessed by various media means whether read, audio or visual.

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