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Empowering and Strengthening

Apart from the various sociological expressions, change, transformation and social mobility recently witnessed by the Kingdom remain an important cultural feature confirming the constant policies of our country which has taken on the achievements of the modern age and keeping up with every positive update that is consistent with its wise orientations and ambitious plans aimed at developing humankind and the homeland which we seek its shade of justice, stability and security, and all its cultural and humanitarian components and its religious and historical heritage which formed its identity and regional and international character. 

Our dear Kingdom has become the icon of countries in terms of its global reputation and roles that become greater day by day with regard to reinforcing peace and economic balance as a central player in the world's economy, development and balance.

Today, our country is experiencing an important event that represents the empowerment of women and granting them an authentic right that is not new, but ensured by Our true moderate Islam. 

It is the women's right to travel, move and manage their affairs easily. 

This right is not in conflict with the tolerance of our religion that has regulated the affairs of the family and the individual as well as the society in a manner that ensures the preservation of the family and community systems.

Rather, it strengthens and boosts the identity of the society and the cohesion of its members and bring them ease via a conscious organization that touches upon each other's rights and duties towards the other.

What distinguishes the policy of our leadership, along with its prudence, insight and deep vision, is that it does not tend to rush, improvise and make decisions without studying well the decision from all its different angles that are not seen by those with a narrow and hasty view. 

This makes this social development come in accordance with a methodology characterized by patience, maturity and rationality.

It is the new Saudi Arabia; pacing rapidly without rushing. Its steps are guided by the conscious insight and accompanied by a great legacy of awareness, experiences and lessons learned throughout times and from the failures of others that were caused by the absence of vision and enlightened view of things from all angles.

There is no doubt that we are promised of a bright future whose achievements are becoming more and more bright every day. 

Our country's affairs are run by men who are true to that which they covenanted with Allah to keep their homeland glorious, keep its people enjoying its security and stability and keep the society loyal to its leaders and sacrifice their lives for the sake of their country's glory and pride.

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