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Airline Industry

The constant economic rule says that problems can be opportunities. In the Kingdom, spacing and vast area undoubtedly hinder social communication among people, and the sectors of trade, industry and logistics as well.

The government has recently adopted the expansion of public transport networks, by buses, trains and aircraft. They are clear and unveiled by the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program (NIDLP).

Yesterday, the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) announced eight specific initiatives targeting civil aviation and logistics. 

However, we do believe that the airline transport sector is not yet in line with the economic booms and population growth in the Kingdom, both inside and outside. Perhaps the Gulf airlines acquisition of a large proportion of Saudis traveling abroad is a sign of dissatisfaction with these services. 

It is well known that the aviation sector is one of the sectors that do not develop on its own, but require the development and modernization of other sectors that are mainly based on the aviation sector. 

That's what the Vision 2030 has done when it has developed special programs and plans to develop the sectors of entertainment, travel and tourism in general, and religious seasons. The aviation sector has received its share of the development program.

Despite this development in different sectors, this sector is still through competitiveness despite being liberalized, without the aspirations of many citizens and even residents.

The air transport sector is one of the sectors that have not been invested ideally in the recent period. As a result, investment opportunities worth more than SR 20 billion a year, have been lost. 

It seems that the Vision 2030 has senses the extent of these losses, and so decided to address the issue scientifically and through long term strategic plans to rehabilitate, develop and improve the sector in a different way that goes in line with the requirements of the next stage.

The airline industry in the Kingdom is entering a new phase, imposed by the nature of the successive global developments. 

The industry is dynamic in keeping up with the development of the Saudi airports system and modernization of the aeronautic regulations in the form of mega projects estimated at more than SR 40 billion, including projects for establishing new airports and others for developing the existing airports, with the aim to embrace urban the incremental growth in air traffic and raise the level of services to be in tandem with global developments.

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