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When the Saudi-led Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen was formed, its main objective was to take back everything to the way it was, defeat the truly Iranian-backed Houthi coup, and to demonstrate the Kingdom-led Coalition's keenness to unite efforts for that goal.

Aden's events have deviated the course of this objective, serving the interest of the coupists but not the Yemeni people who aspire to get rid of the coup so that Yemen would return as a state governed by a legitimate government representing its political and social fabric.

The statement issued by the Kingdom yesterday put the record straight and put back the situation to its normal basic course. It emphasized that dialogue between the Aden's parties is the solution to put an end to those events in order to unify efforts. 

The Yemeni crisis cannot be solved by means of a weapon that should be directed to the fundamental goal of helping Yemen out of the coup and the extremist organizations that exploit the situation to achieve their objectives.

The Saudi statement was firm and uncompromising, stressing that "any attempt to destabilize Yemen is a threat to the security and stability of the Kingdom and the region, and the Kingdom will not hesitate to deal resolutely". This means that the Kingdom's support for legitimacy is irreversible. 

The goal was so evident from the outset, and it is steady until the goal set is achieved, and any derailment will be confronted firmly and strongly.

The Yemeni forces under the banner of legitimacy should resolve their differences through dialogue alone.

The Kingdom called on the Yemeni brothers for the irreplaceable dialogue in Jeddah in order to resolve those differences, so that efforts are united to sweep away the Houthi-Iranian coup.

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