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Our Cultural Richness

Culture is a cognitive and enlightening bearer for civilized societies that have received a great deal of science, knowledge, arts, values, and others. 

It is therefore not surprising that countries place it at the center of their immediate and future interests and projects. Building of humankind and the formulation of their ideas and value systems are some of the determinants and objectives of this culture. 

At the dawn of this century, there was a clear interest in culture and its value as a soft power and a true indicator of the progress of countries in the ladder of civilization, humanity and cognitive power whose measurements demonstrate the position of each country in the ladder of values and human civilization.

The Kingdom is always involved in every global cultural, political and economic movement, a matter which reflects the dynamism, flexibility and diversity in its sober handling as a sophisticated political entity taking into account the causes of progress and civilization.

The cultural aspect is one of the important strategies that the Kingdom has paid attention to, given that culture is a civilized and humanistic heritage that is derived from a philosophical and enlightening legacy created in the womb of the peoples and invested in a way that serves its civilizational career in terms of dealing and interacting with the arts, ethics, laws, customs and other capabilities and preparations.

Hence, the Kingdom's cooperation with UNESCO at the last conference held in Paris reflects the importance of culture, recognizing the role of UNESCO in creating conditions appropriate for dialogue among civilizations, cultures and nations, based on respect for shared values, to achieve the global visions on sustainable development which, including respect for human rights, mutual respect, and poverty alleviation.

The Kingdom's participation with a high-profile delegation is a true translation of this knowledge and civilization richness of our Kingdom that is deeply rooted in history, civilization and culture. Hence the Kingdom emphasizes the importance of strengthening science, culture and arts to contribute to the disclosure of dialogue and communication among nations, for a prosperous present and a better future for future generations. 

Our wise leadership views culture and cultural action as the most important foundations that support the directions of human development, and build bridges of understanding among societies, in order to promote a stronger world, where people are interconnected in their different cultures.

It is important to note that the central role of the Kingdom does not stop at encouraging, supporting and believing in the impact and value of cultural action, but it is rather a faith that has been remarkably reinforced. 

The Kingdom has demonstrated its keenness to achieve the goals of collective action in UNESCO out of its responsibility as a founding state that has contributed significantly in the UNESCO's 1984 budget, and made a generous donation of USD 20 million in 2011. 

It also pledged USD 25 million to fund the UNESCO's strategic and heritage preservation programs by signing the Letter of Intent last July.

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