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AI, “Now” Management

“Leadership is about people and artificial intelligence is about machines. But the borders are becoming fuzzy. We have to anticipate how this is impacting business in order to give us a head start,” … Franz Heukamp (Dean of IESE Business School)

The Council of Ministers of Saudi Arabia recently established by a royal decree on 30 August 2019” The Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence”. Which is important for dealing and organize of a sophisticated field.

In this article, we will go through what is artificial intelligence, its types and the most important feature of it which is the “Now” management.

Lacking enough data scientists and engineers to create AI solutions in one of the obstacles of AI, 

Besides, as well only fewer managers and leaders know how to apply AI to business or organizational problems in the right manner, or have the time to learn it in detail and practice.

What is required from us all to understanding of AI techniques, how to utilize them and manage them, for our life and organization's growth and improvement.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that:

• Intelligent machines work and react like humans. 

• Ability of machines to work on their own "smart"

Some of the activities of artificial intelligence included:

• Planning

• Learning

• Decision Making. 

• Voice recognition

• Problem solving

Types of AI:

Artificial Intelligence has three types:

1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI )

2. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI )

3. Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI

1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence ( ANI )

• Implemented a single task with smartness. 

• Considered as a basic concept of AI.


Voice / Speech Recognition ( Rank Brain by Google and Siri by Apple)

2. Artificial General Intelligence ( AGI )

• For a general-purposes. 

• The intelligent mimic the human brain.

• Efficient in many tasks (learn and improve -Unlike ANI)


• Supercomputers and high Tec. games.

3. Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI )

• Aspect of intelligence that is more powerful than a human’s intelligence. 

• Referring to when the capability of computers will exceed human’s intelligence. 

• Laying out and expect that the time will come to the world in which a computer’s cognitive ability is superior to a human.


• Singularity(also known as the technological singularity)

• Engineering assistants

• Language translators

“Now” Management

• For “Now” Management below some of the factors illustrate that:

• Decisions are instantly due to real-time data access.

• Advance alerts and notifications, (Make leaders more proactive )

• With up-to-date information during worked hours of compliances, resource and exceptions, errors so, wasted time is eliminated. 

• AI promotes systems and applications of recording and tracking the time.

By leveraging advanced technologies of “AI” time monitoring and tracking framework the businesses achieve more profitability as the time of the process and making a decision is now the most important as a competitive advantage.


Artificial intelligence has huge potential to help leaders to make better decisions. Moreover, leaders must consider it in such a way that engage and empower the people and avoiding that to look as threatening them.


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