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DHL Express Saudi Arabia celebrates 10 years of women on its payroll

DHL Express Saudi Arabia recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of bringing Saudi women into the DHL fold, having hired its first Saudi woman 10 years ago and following up with the hiring of more than 70 other women including the company’s first-ever female manager.

“The decision to hire females 10 years ago has had an unqualified favorable impact on DHL’s activities in Saudi Arabia,” said Faysal Elhajjami, Saudi Arabia Country General Manager. “It is truly amazing to look back at those days in light of the fact that we now have 72 female employees, six of whom hold managerial positions, and we expect to continue to increase the number of female employees, not only in alignment with Vision 2030, but also for the benefits they bring to our efficiency and reputation.”

DHL Express Saudi Arabia is dedicated to developing the local economy and society by empowering women in the work place, allowing them to assume responsibilities that are in line with their individual talents and that will provide them the experience necessary to ascend the corporate hierarchy. Saudi women are beginning to come into their own on the employment front, which empowers them not only in the workplace but in the world at large.

DHL Express operates a large call center in the Eastern Province with both male and female customer service agents. There are 60 female agents who work together in a dedicated facility separate from their male counterparts. DHL currently has a female presence in every function in the company, from operations to sales and HR.

“DHL Express Saudi Arabia has been ahead of the curve in bringing competent, hard-working women onto their payroll,” commented Mohammed Al Jamea, DHL Express Saudi Arabia Human Resources Director. “We have placed no barriers in the way of their advancement in the company and are very accommodating as far as recognizing the specific needs of a female workforce.”

The anniversary celebration took place at an exclusive resort in the Eastern Province with a full day of leisure activities. In the evening, the senior management team arrived to attend a formal dinner with the female team. Mr. Elhajjami joined the gathering, congratulating the women on their perseverance and hard work and assuring them that they would enjoy DHL Express Saudi Arabia’s continued support. The evening was capped off with the presentation to every woman present of a customized letter of appreciation.

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