Khaled Aloud (Riyadh Daily)
Onaizah celebrate the International Day of the Elderly 2022

In honor of the Governor of Onaiza, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sulaim, and in the presence of the Director General of the human resources and social development ministry’s branch in Qassim, Mr. Abdullah Al-Sibai, Onaizah Governorate celebrated the International Day of the Elderly 2022.

The celebration was held with the participation of governmental and charitable organizations from the region and abroad, such as the Saudi Alzheimer's Disease Association and  Onaizah Association for Diabetes Health Awareness.

On this occasion, the Director of the Social Welfare House in Unaizah, Mr. Mansor Al-Doligan, said: “The celebration is to shed light on the great contributions made by the elderly to the comprehensive development within the community, and to identify the most important issues related to their needs and the services provided to them.”

Aging is a biological fact that occurs outside the scope of human control, and its definition varies from one society to another. In most countries, age is considered an indicator of aging, as the age from (60-65) years is considered the age of retirement and the beginning of old age. In several other regions, age is not taken into account to determine the age. A person’s aging, there are other factors that determine the retirement age, such as: “the ability to perform work, meaning that aging begins when a person is unable to participate effectively in society.”The objectives of the International Day for the Elderly are to raise awareness of the importance of preventive and curative care for the elderly, strengthen health services and prevent diseases, provide appropriate technology and rehabilitation, and train staff in the field of elderly care and provide the necessary facilities to meet the needs of the elderly (such as nursing homes), urging non-governmental organizations and families; to provide support for the elderly to adopt a good health approach, cooperation between government institutions, families and individuals to provide a good environment for the health and well-being of the elderly, shed light on this age group and its health needs, raise awareness of the rights of the elderly and the importance of health care, clarify the concerned authorities for all categories of the elderly, disseminate a culture healthy aging among members of society and the elderly themselves, and supporting joint care among all stakeholders concerned with the elderl.

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