Protesters block a road in the central Iranian city of Shiraz on Saturday.

By: Hassan Mahmoudi
Iran: security forces lost control over Southcentral city of Shiraz

Protests flare up across Iran on Friday with chants of "Death to the dictator,"  "No to Gaza, no to Lebanon; I sacrifice my life for Iran.", after the government imposed gas price hike. At least 200 people dead, more than 3000 injured and more than 1000 arrested in 132 cities since security forces started cracking down on demonstrators.

Protesters blocked roads, burned buildings, banks, government institutions and clashed with police across the country

Iran shut down internet access across the nation to cover up its positional crackdown on protesters

Videos from the protests have shown people gravely wounded

Some of the worst violence seen so far was in the Southcentral city of Shiraz*.

The latest development in Shiraz:

On the fourth day of protest, people in Shiraz have captured most parts of the city. The government forces have lost control over this major city, known for its literary history and many gardens.  Police stations have been evacuated, no security forces are seen in the streets, and even the plain cloth members of the ministry of intelligence are not seen in the scene. The metropolitan train has been stopped. 

The incident in the IRGC compound on Nov.17 seems to have disrupted all plans, and the forces are in confusion.

One Shiraz local reported from the scene: "all the banks were set on fire the bases of the Revolutionary Guards' Basij forces were destroyed. The city is in a very disordered state. Law enforcement officers have fled around government buildings. Moreover, all the buildings are in people's hands. No gas stations are active. The mothers support the protesters and bring them food and water. The situation is irreversible. In the year 2008, the regime was able to recapture all the sites but it is no longer possible for the government".

Another local said:  "this morning at 10 AM, all shops on Mulla Sadra Street was closed. Convenience stores owned by the IRGC have been vacated and has been set on fire."

Another Local said: "it is  like a hunger revolution here."

Another local said: "Shiraz is falling, death toll high, I see Blood and smoke everywhere.  A few police stations camps have fallen into the hands of youth."

Another local said:  "Khamenei's forces were not able to have any reaction, therefore, they raised a helicopter and fired against protesters from the air.

Protesters at a demonstration in Tehran on Saturday.

University Students:

In Tehran, students of Tehran University held a rally in support of the demonstrators and chanted anti-regime songs. "Don't be afraid, we're all together," 

Students of Tabriz University in northwest Iran voiced their support for the popular uprising by holding a gathering and chanting, “No fear! We’re all together!”   


Shiraz is a city in south-central Iran, known for its literary history and many gardens. The marble Tomb of Hafez, honoring the revered poet, sits within its own garden. To the east, the Mausoleum of Saadi houses the 13th-century writer’s mosaic-tiled tomb and an underground pool. Shiraz is a gateway to Persepolis, the ruined 6th-century-B.C. capital to the northeast, with its immense gateways, columns, and friezes.

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