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Patching Up

The hopes for the Kingdom's efforts to eliminate sedition within brotherly Yemen are great, especially after the recent efforts exerted by Riyadh along with Abu Dhabi to patch up the differences between the legitimate government of Yemen and the Southern Transitional Council (STC), and to restore stability and calm between them, in order to join the internal forces to counter the threat of the Iranian-backed Houthi coup.

From the very beginning of the history of this emergency sedition, the Kingdom, on the basis of its responsibilities in the Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen, has realized the importance of the constructive and fruitful dialogue between the legitimate government of Yemen and the STC, and has made diplomatic and political efforts to convince the two parties that dialogue is inevitable based on constants and principles that take into account the public interest of Yemen and its people, and to ensure a constructive agreement that protects the country from division and weakness that could be exploited by the Houthis in their favor to carry out Iran's malicious agenda inside Yemen.

The Kingdom considered its experience in negotiating that convincing the two parties to sit at the negotiation table is not enough to end their crisis, and that it will lead to nothing positive if the two parties do not adhere to a host of principles and values which the Kingdom has been working to consolidate on the ground by creating conditions and a climate conducive to the success of the dialogue and achievement of its goals. 

The Kingdom has also called on both parties to have the spirit of brotherhood and end sedition and division. 

It asserted that this is a major and positive step to end the recent troubling events in the governorates of Aden, Abyan and Shabwa. 

Morover, it also stressed the importance of fully stopping any provocative moves, military activities, practices or violations against other components or prejudice to public and private property, a matter which promotes the integrity of intentions between the two parties and increases mutual trust between them.

Today, Riyadh's efforts to end sedition inside Yemen seem to be appreciated and respected by countries of the world, which see the Kingdom as a pivotal country that is indispensable in promoting stability within the Middle East and spreading security throughout the region.

These countries consider the Kingdom's role as great and efficient in leading the Arab and Islamic worlds to safety. 

Hence, the world today trusts that the Kingdom's efforts to end sedition inside Yemen will result in the consensus and alliance of the conflicting parties again, a matter that bodes well for the elimination of the Iranian-Houthi threat in the region.

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