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Peace Terms in Yemen

The Yemeni legitimate government has established a condition that the Houthi militias should implement all the provisions of the Stockholm Agreement on the ground. 

It is a key condition for initiating any new logical consultations in light of the procrastination and obstruction practiced by these militias since the first hours following the signing of an agreement that is supposed to pave the way for a political process that puts an end to the Yemeni people's suffering.

The cease-fire agreement in Hodeida, which came into force on December 18th, seems to be, through the Iranian-backed Houthis' behavior, a repositioning of their militias after a thunderous loss on the ground, a matter that reflects their desire to prolong the war which  they deem the only way to survive.

The Yemeni legitimacy and the Arab alliance countries, through their previous experiences and knowledge of the Houthi way of dealing with any agreements, realize from an early stage that the only way to bind these militias to what is agreed upon is the international community's exercise of its duty to pressure them and their supporters to achieve the desired goal.

The Kingdom, through its ceaseless efforts to achieve security and stability in Yemen, works so hard to support whatever leads to a political solution in accordance with the Gulf Initiative and the outcomes of the Comprehensive National Dialogue Conference and the UN Security Council Resolution No.2216, which are the sole references for terminating the Yemeni crisis.

In this vein, the Saudi Council of Ministers, during its meeting yesterday, condemned the actions of the Iranian-backed Houthi militias represented in their circumvention of the Stockholm agreements, and their violation of  pacts and covenants, a matter that is deemed a challenge to the international community.

The Saudi Council of Ministers also condemned the misinformation  and inaccurate data disseminated by these coupist militias on the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, disruption of relief efforts and humanitarian support, and looting of aid and funds and donations given by donor countries and humanitarian organizations in regions under the control of these terrorists.

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