By: Fadhila Mohammed
Women's Right in Judicial System

The Ministry of Justice has worked and has been working in the recent period to solve and easy many of the difficulties and problems that might in somehow face women in the judicial system here in Saudi Arabia. This is done for provide, protect and preserve all their rights, most of which are in personal status courts, and has provided them with many facilities and procedures to facilitate all what they need in the courtroom.
The Ministry of Justice is concerned with the protection of women from the perspective of Islamic law, and derives its regulation and provisions of the legitimate and judicial systems in the Kingdom from Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). They included the protection of women's privacy and the provision of all their rights.
Empowering women to get their rights in the easiest way is one of the priorities of the state, which led them to adopt an approach and a guide in their laws and regulations. Although the crimes of domestic abuse may fall into many categories, women are among the most vulnerable to these crimes. The system of protection against abuse and its executive regulations incriminated all kinds of it including any physical or psychological exploitation or abuse of women by the guardian or any person who has authority, responsibility, family relationship, a dependency relationship, sponsorship or guardianship. The system clarified the procedures by which women can defend themselves and stop the abuse that is inflicted on them.
Directives came from the Ministry of Justice in urging the speed of considering and deciding on marital issues and give priority among the issues so as not to worsen the problem and are affected by the family frequent appointments and meetings. Where the executive regulations rule that there is no jurisdiction over women who are subjected to injustice and suffering from their guardian. This means that if a judicial ruling is issued to prove the injustice of the parents, it becomes a woman's right to resort to the judge as her guardian.
The Ministry of Justice has sought to implement expeditiously a number of provisions relating to the rights of women, such as alimony, residence, an expense of breastfeeding, seeing her children and handing them over to her custody. To ensure that alimony comes to the woman directly it is deducted from the account of the person sentenced. In that case, she does not need to check with any party, except for the judge to address banks to directly transfer to the woman account. This saves the effort and prevents the hardship of obtaining alimony.
We find that women rights in the judicial system are constantly evolving. Laws and regulations are always and continuously, in the judicial system in general and for women in particular, are revised and reissued, with the aim of granting women rights that will enable them to overcome the obstacles they may face.

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