New Delhi - SPA
GCC Office participates in workshop on combating harmful trade practices in India

The Technical Secretariat Office of General Secretariat of Gulf
Cooperation Council (GCC) for Arab States has reviewed at a regional
workshop the GCC experience in combating harmful trade practices in
international trade to Asian Investigation Authorities during the period
5-7 March 2018 in Delhi, Republic of India, organized by the World
Trade Organization in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce and
Industry of India and Indian Institute for Gulf Trade.

Participants in the workshop included Brazil, the United States of America, Australia and the European Union.

The Director General of the Office of the Technical Secretariat,
Rihan Mubarak Fayez , chaired the third session on prevention
investigations and procedures, while the Technical Secretariat's office
presented two working papers on investigation procedures and
notifications and consultations.

The Office's participation in the workshop came in response to an
invitation from World Trade Organization as it is selected as one of the
most active investigative authorities in Asia to highlight the
experience of the GCC countries in combating harmful practices in
international trade.

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