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KSRelief supports agricultural projects in Northern Aleppo

King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center works to support
agricultural projects in the north of Syria within the framework of the
project "Improving the standard of living and the empowerment of society
by distributing diesel fuel for the operation of irrigation pumps and
agricultural lands.

During September, 91,260 liters of diesel fuel were distributed to
irrigation pumps in 426 agricultural lands with a total area of 9,126 Sq
KM in 33 villages.

The distribution is scheduled to continue on a monthly basis to
ensure the irrigation of crops and improve agricultural production.

The project seeks to ensure self-sufficiency and job creation in
the Northern Aleppo countryside, where most of the inhabitants of these
areas work in agriculture. The number of direct beneficiaries of this
activity is 2,264. In addition, it is expected that the number of
indirect beneficiaries in one year workers on agricultural land on a
daily basis and 14,858 workers in agricultural land on a seasonal basis
when harvesting crops.

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