Riyadh Daily

It is not unusual for Al-Houthi
to renounce the Stockholm Agreement and try to circumvent it, and whoever
expects otherwise, should reconsider it. Al-Houthi, since the outbreak of the
Yemeni crisis, has been trying to prolong the war for a certain purpose that he
knows it as those whom he is driven by in Tehran do. The end of the Yemeni crisis
is not in the interest of Al-Houthi; because this means an inevitable end. All
discussions have not led to the purpose they have been held for. Al-Houthi
declares his commitment and then renounces it, which is not surprising as much
as we are surprised by the position of the UN and the international community
which believes that they can make Al-Houthi commit to the agreements despite
his circumvention that they are aware of. Still, he tries despite the futility
of attempts with a party who cannot make his own decision.

Although the Hodeidah Agreement
stipulates the withdrawal of the Houthi militias from the city and the port
within fourteen days and the removal of any obstacles or bottlenecks to local
institutions performing their functions, these militias have not implemented it
and try to jump on it to the comprehensive political solution, as they claim.
This was expected along with the previous positions. Even if Al-Houthi sought a
comprehensive solution as he claims, he would have abided by the bases of that
solution represented by UN resolution no.2216, the Gulf Initiative and the National
Dialogue Outputs that lead Yemen to safety. But, the intentions of these
militias have become clearer through their practices and fickle positions and deceit
to the UN envoy, not only the present one, but also his predecessors and
perhaps those who will come after. The issue is not an issue of a UN envoy, but
an issue of militias that flout the interests of Yemen and the Yemenis to
satisfy their masters in Tehran.

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