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Iranian Epidemic

Once again, the Iranian regime flouts the international will, persists in its defiant behavior and repudiates its international obligations by resuming uranium enrichment at the Fordo underground facility.

Such a dangerous step represents the fourth phase of Iran's plan to reduce its nuclear obligations under the Joint Action Plan with the 5 + 1 Group in 2015. This plan was described by the United States as a nuclear blackmail by Tehran. 

The Iranian regime seems to have finally settled its suspicious nuclear deal and decided to pull out of it after it had failed to blackmail Europe in an attempt to retain the gains it made from the notorious Vienna agreement.

Indeed, the outcome of the nuclear deal was expected and the Kingdom has long warned of the fundamental flaws that lie within its details and that threaten its collapse at any time.

This agreement, which former US President Barack Obama sought to achieve at any cost, was only a new Iranian game to gain time and reap some economic gains in return for temporary nuclear pledges, to give the Iranian regime the chance to wreak havoc in the region and expose regional and international stability to serious repercussions. 

This was proved by the developments in the region after the signing of the deal, represented in spreading chaos, fanning sectarianism and undermining the region's stability. When the current US president corrected this error by pulling out of the flawed deal and strengthening pressure on the Khamenei regime, Iran returned to play overtly, and resumed its efforts to acquire nuclear weapons, meaning a terrifying nuclear race in the region and further disorder and tension in the region can no longer take disorder.

This terminal Iranian epidemic in the region and the world can only be cured by a comprehensive approach that stops the in situ solutions in which the Iranians corner the international negotiators in a narrow angle to escape the big obligations. 

The danger of the Iranian regime is greater than a nuclear bomb. It is the bomb of sectarianism, fragmentation of societies and making of militias that become states within states. 

This is the real Iranian danger that Obama overlooked as he went along with Khamenei's regime in its nuclear game while the entire region was set on fire by the Wilayat al-Faqih militias.

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