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Iran stands isolated

Iran’s threat to international peace and security was the principal subject of discussion at the Munich Security Conference. Of course, this has come as no surprise to anyone as it is customary for any international forum on security to take up the issue of terrorism and discuss ways to fight it. Tense relations between countries and the fear of nuclear conflict are other similar concerns.
These concerns fit Iran’s profile to the hilt. Since Khomeini’s accession to power, Iran has been making every attempt to destabilize international security. Even to this day, the Khomeini-inspired regime is doing everything possible to export his revolution by spreading terror, panic and destruction everywhere in the Middle East.   
Speakers at the Forum included heads of governments and ministers. They expressed concern over the dangers posed by Iran and its destructive practices. Iran’s hostile posturing and incitement of terrorist elements has affected many countries, which have been converted by Tehran into blood-filled battlefields. The regime has sparked civil wars and political conflicts destabilizing the region’s security with the sole aim of drawing regional countries under its control.
Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubair underscored the sufferings of the countries of the region and spoke about their patience over Iran’s wayward practices. Iran continues to support Hezbollah in Lebanon, which is notorious of being the most dangerous terrorist organization in the region. Iran is also behind the terrorist acts in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and other countries. Such acts of terror are not under wraps anymore, with Iran openly boasting of being behind them.  
Reviewing the mullah regime’s criminal record, Al-Jubair recalled how Iran’s Revolutionary Guard had trained the group that had bombed Al-Khobar towers in 1996. The Guard had provided more than 70 percent of the explosives used in several other attacks as well. Moreover, Iran had also hosted Al-Qaeda members and provided safe haven to Osama bin Laden. It has also destabilized security in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon.
The speakers at the conference briefed the world on what Iran really is. But, going by past experience, the Iranian regime will totally disregard the calls for it to stop its dangerous political adventures. In fact, the regime has reached a point where it simply cannot think as normal peace-loving countries would, in the interest of global peace.
It is this attitude that has left Iran totally isolated. The world will no longer tolerate a regime hell bent on violating all international values, norms, and principles of good neighborliness.

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