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Linguistic Outbidding

The most important characteristic of the Saudi political discourse, in addition to its many characteristics, is its consistency, clarity, and distancing from contradiction and maneuvering. It is a thoughtful, rational and correct discourse that avoids chatter and upstage, which earned it credibility and confidence at all levels.

Throughout decades since the establishment of the Kingdom, this discourse has not seen any contradiction, duplication, or ambiguity in dealing with all situations and events, regardless of their importance, degree of gravity or complications.

Whoever knows the Kingdom’s policy since the era of the founder, King Abdulaziz bin Abdul-Rahman  make sure that the approach of the Saudi kings is characterized by clarity and consistency stemming from solid moral values and unchanged positions that are not weakened by any external influencer or circumstance. Hence, it is not strange for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to praise the steadfast and brave position of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz when he assured Abbas that the Kingdom has been with the Palestinian cause since the era of King Abdulaziz and will remain so ... and that King Salman reiterated that Saudi Arabia sides by the Palestinians in everything they want.

Such discourse, with its strength and straightforwardness, reflects the steadfast wise approach that adopts actions before words, not betting on dreams, expectations or promises. Every time, the Kingdom’s confirms that it is biased towards every just cause, not seeking spotlights or media gains or propagandas. Complicated situations and crises have proven that wisdom, insightful vision, clairvoyance and discernment and their outcomes are some of the tools of power of the rational Saudi discourse emanating from an ethical, human and value system that earned it uniqueness, prudence and reliability, and it was not an inciting mobbish discourse makes false promises and gains that only bring hollowness to their promoters.

Every cause that arises, disagreement, or political complexity is dealt rationally by the Saudi discourse. It touches upon facts and events with a balanced thought and wide awareness in its vision and comes out with results and positions that are proven to be the most effective and feasible, but bidders and promoters of delusions and lies are only sellers of illusions and their ideas, fragile attitudes and miserable linguistic outbidding soon collapse. 

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